KNoW: Kidlit Novel Workshop

Presenting…the Kidlit Novel Writing Workshop (or KNoW for short)! KNoW is a supportive environment for children’s novelists in which:

  1. I give two writing prompts
  2. We all write together
  3. We share our writing (only if we want to!)
This could be you!

KNoW is open to writers of all experience levels – all you need is the desire to write middle grade or young adult novels. If you’re not sure what that means but you know you want to write a novel for young people, that’s okay too! We’ll teach you.

Timing – Wednesdays at 7pm Eastern
Dates – 10 weeks, November 22 through January 24
Place – Online on Discord, a free online text-based chat client that also has functionality for audio and video calls and allows group communication anytime; I recommend setting up your Discord account a few days prior to the first session to iron out any problems
Participants – Up to 10 writers max

If you sign up for KNoW, you will get the following:
– one night a week guaranteed writing time, with custom writing prompts devised by me
– the ability to share your new work in a positive-feedback-only atmosphere
– a 15-minute writing consultation with me
– access to our own private Discord server, where all prior prompts are posted, as well as extra writing info like articles and book recommendations!

Cost: $97. Half of the cost is due by a week before the workshop starts to reserve your place. The other half is due the first night of the workshop. Spaces are limited, so place your deposit soon!
NEW! Spread the word, even if you’re not interested – I now offer a $50 referral bonus if someone takes the entirety of one of my workshops because of you!

For more information, contact:


Hope to write with you soon!

If you have already started on a middle grade or young adult novel, please consider KNoW How, a more intensive workshop. If you’re interested in working with me in a one-on-one setting, consider the Editing services I offer.