KNoW: Kidlit Novel Workshop

Presenting…the Kidlit Novel Writing Workshop (or KNoW for short)!

Are you a middle grade or young adult writer looking for a weekly workshop where you can hone your craft, receive feedback from a published novelist, and engage with a community of fellow writers?

KNoW, the Kidlit Novel Workshop, is a virtual workshop combining a critique group, a freewriting prompt session, and one-on-one time with an experienced writer and teacher (that’s me!).

Participants in prior workshops worked on middle grade and young adult stories, explored writing topics, and critiqued each other’s work in a supportive environment. KNoW is open to writers of all skill levels – all you need is the desire to write middle grade or young adult novels. (And a computer, I guess.)

Timing – Runs for 10 weeks (plus a few days of prep to get used to the chat client if need be), meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm Eastern
Dates: New session coming soon!
Place – Online on Discord, a free online text-based chat client that also has functionality for audio and video calls and allows group communication anytime
Participants – Up to 10 writers max

You can sign up for only Mondays or Wednesdays, or both at a discount. They each offer different experiences.

If you sign up for Mondays only, you get:
– the ability to submit and receive feedback, both positive and constructive, on up to 20 pages throughout the ten weeks
– a 15-minute writing consultation with me
– access to the Discord channel, where you can share and benefit from writing information and tips
Note that there is a commitment in the Monday track to also provide written feedback on other participants’ manuscripts.

If you sign up for Wednesdays only, you get:
– one night a week guaranteed writing time, with custom writing prompts devised by me
– the ability to share your new work in a positive-feedback-only atmosphere
– a 15-minute writing consultation with me
– access to the #prompts channel on Discord, where all prior prompts are posted, as well as access to the rest of the channel

And if you sign up for both Mondays and Wednesdays, you get:
– everything listed above: manuscripts on Mondays, prompts on Wednesdays, and full access to the Discord channel
– a 30-minute writing consultation with me

You might be more interested in one night over the other depending on what stage your writing is at. Maybe you’d do better with time for freewriting, or maybe you’d benefit more from the structure of submitting ten pages twice during the workshop. Or maybe you’d benefit from both – often I see stories started on Wednesday become Monday manuscripts.

The cost for ten weeks of the workshop:
Mondays only: $157
Wednesdays only: $87
Full KNoW experience (Mondays + Wednesdays): $217
Signing up for both nights is the most economical method.

What to do if you’re interested:
– Half of the cost is due by a week before the workshop starts to reserve your place; the other half is due the first night of the workshop.
– Spaces are limited, so place your deposit soon!

For more information, contact:


or post any questions in the comments of this page. Hope to write with you soon!

If you would still be interested in working with me in a one-on-one setting, consider the Editing services I offer.