Eric Bell, Middle Grade Author

KNoW: Kidlit Novel Workshop

Are you a middle grade or young adult writer looking for a weekly workshop where you can hone your craft, receive feedback from a published novelist, and engage with a community of fellow writers?

Presenting…the Kidlit Novel Writing Workshop (or KNoW for short)!

Who would benefit most: anyone interested in writing a novel for young people (middle grade or young adult)
Cost: $217 for ten weeks
Length and time: Monday and Wednesday nights at 7pm ET, November 11 through January 18
Location: Discord, a free chat client with built-in text, audio, and video chatting

The workshop will include:
Freewriting Wednesday nights with prompts designed to get you in a creative mindset, overcome writer’s block, and receive helpful feedback
– Opportunities to bring in work from outside the group (two nights of up to 10 pages per night), on Monday nights
– A thirty-minute consultation with Eric about anything writing
– A warm and supportive community of artists

For more info, please email:


or post any questions in the comments of this page. Hope to see you there!

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