KNoW How: A Workshop for Children’s Writers

Are you actively working on a draft of a novel for children or teens? Or have you completed a draft and you’re unsure of what to do next? Consider KNoW How, a Workshop for Children’s Writers – the latest workshop offering from published middle grade novelist Eric Bell.

A Space for Children’s Writers

KNoW How, a class-workshop hybrid, offers an intensive and in-depth experience for writers who have made progress on a draft of a novel for children or teens.

  • 7 Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern on Discord, a free online chat client
  • Instructor and group feedback on up to 5000 words of your middle grade or young adult novel (note that all feedback, including feedback given by me, is verbal only; there is no expectation to provide or receive written feedback)
  • Classroom-style instruction (20-30 minutes per night; first night is introduction) on various writing topics chosen by both myself and the group, followed by manuscript discussion
  • Access to an online Discord server full of information
  • A 30-minute private consultation with me
  • Capped at 6 people

Support for Your Writing

KNoW How might be a good fit if:

  • You have made progress on, or have completed a draft of, a middle grade or young adult novel, aka a novel for children or teens. If you’re still early in the drafting or brainstorming stage, please consider one of my other workshops. If you’re not sure what workshop(s) would most benefit you, or even if you’re not sure what constitutes MG or YA, I can talk you through it and see if you’d be a good fit (you can also read this great article, also linked below!).
  • You’re ready to take your writing to the next level.
  • You’re open to feedback from other writers who are all actively writing “kidlit.”
  • You want to learn new story skills in a supportive environment.
  • You like unfunny jokes!

What Is Kidlit?

Here is a great article on the distinctions between middle grade (MG), young adult (YA), and adult (A) novels! If you’re not sure what age category your book is, talk to me and we can work it out.

When, Where, How Much?

  • Dates: 7 Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern, November 28 through January 9
  • Location: Discord, a free online chat client that supports video and audio calls
  • Cost: $495 for all seven weeks, with a deposit of $250 due before the first meeting and the remaining balance due on the first night. I offer installment plans.

What’s Next?

  • Let me know if you’re interested by November 21!
  • Spread the word, even if you’re not interested – I now offer a $50 referral bonus if someone takes the entirety of one of my workshops because of you!
  • Poke around my website and see if something else tickles your fancy – I also offer a Wednesday night freewriting-focused workshop for those who want a stress-free night of writing without deadlines

For more information on KNoW How: A Workshop for Children’s Writers, you can reach out to me at ericbellwriter[at]gmail[dot]com.

Hope to write with you soon!